Fees for Examination


Most patients over age 19 and under age 65 are NOT covered by OHIP for routine eye examinations, partial examinations and visual fields.

See what is covered by OHIP

What is covered by OHIP

OHIP pays for one full eye examination annually, medically necessary partial examinations and visual field testing for:

  • patients 19 year of age or younger
  • patients 65 years of age or older
  • patients of any age diagnosed with diabetes
  • patients with glaucoma of any age
  • patients with diagnosed retinal disease affecting vision of any age
  • patients of any age who have one eye or a blind eye
  • post operative cataract care for patients of any age
  • patients with progressive corneal disease affecting vision
  • other sight threatening conditions
  • Sight threatening emergencies such as corneal abrasions or ulcers

OHIP does not pay for retinal imaging (OCT) regardless of age or condition.

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